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Hassle-free Commercial CCTV Security Systems in Eastbourne: 
Installation & Maintenance

Imagine if your Commercial CCTV System did its job without fuss... 

Detecting and deterring criminals BEFORE they break in! That's what you get from the only NSI Gold security company in Eastbourne!

I want a tailored CCTV system

Trust the experts: your only local NSI Gold approved...
Commercial CCTV security systems installation & maintenance company

NSI Gold


Commercial CCTV Systems in East Sussex

CCTV Systems

Tailored CCTV Systems for Eastbourne businesses

CCTV Systems

Balance Budget

Balance Budget

Commercial CCTV Maintenance in Eastbourne


24-7 CCTV Monitoring

24-7 CCTV

Mobile App

Mobile App

CCTV Upgrades & Takeovers in Eastbourne

& Takeovers

Your Security + Fire emergency resolved...

There's a reason why we've got the 3rd generation of customers coming back to us. We put your needs first. And now... our money where our mouth is.

Introducing Armoury's Zero-risk Promise
Always Available: your call answered in five rings (during office hours)*
Rapid Local Response: on-site and with you in 60 minutes (during office hours)*
OR your first hour is FREE
Issue Resolved: we will fix your Security or Fire Protection issue*
OR you pay nothing OR receive a refund!*

That's the type of Family Business Edge we've been delivering across 5 decades

Your Zero-risk Promise

Armoury Security + Fire Zero Risk Promise
*T&Cs apply. See footer
In an emergency, call Armoury!

What does NSI Gold mean for your business CCTV system?

Reliability. Trustworthiness. Expertise.

You’ll get a quality CCTV system for your premises. Professionally designed and installed. Purring away in the background. Doing its job, deterring and detecting. Without fuss or unnecessary  callouts, because…

Your planned maintenance keeps it working as it should. Saving you time, money and headaches in unwanted running costs!
Commercial CCTV systems installation and maintenance in Eastbourne

Say goodbye to low-quality, grainy images... your tailored CCTV system 'sees' EVERYTHING!

Cutting-edge CCTV technology combines advanced analytics and AI with high-definition video surveillance... to detect bad guys early.

Your alarm receiving centre (ARC) detects intruders before the crime happens. As audio warnings scare off the would-be criminals. Saving you the time, money and hassle of dealing with the aftermath.

All you need to do is read the report in the morning. 

Even without a remote monitoring station you can keep a close eye on your business yourself. Via your smartphone, tablet or PC!

Meaning you and your operations manager sleep soundly. Knowing your business is more secure than ever!

For superior security with the
Small Business Edge

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    Why you'll love working with Armoury Security + Fire:
    • Long track record: serving Eastbourne across 5 decades
    • A personal touch: friendly and knowledgeable from your first contact
    • Professional & accredited: no corners cut, no need to pay twice!
    • You save: time, money and hassle now & over time

    Local businesses who enjoy a reliable business partnership with Armoury Security + Fire

    Caffyns, Eastbourne, East SussexCavendish Bakery, Eastbourne, East SussexLewes District, Council, Eastbourne, East SussexThe Beacon, Eastbourne, East SussexBurger King4 Golf, Eastbourne, East SussexDB Domestics, Eastbourne, East SussexNinja Arena, Eastbourne, East SussexWhiteline Manufacturing Ltd., EastbourneMcDonaldsPaxton Access Control is one of our customersAsda_logo
    The most reliable, fastest responding company that Whiteline have had the pleasure of dealing with. We know we have support 24/7 should any situation occur with our Security & Fire systems.

    We have built a great working relationship over the past 17+ years and Armoury will always be a part of our company
    Leighton Baitup, Operations Director
    Whiteline Manufacturing Ltd., Eastbourne

    Take control of your security... CCTV solutions tailored to your premises!

    Only carefully designed CCTV prevents crime

    Your system is designed specifically for your business premises and requirements. Providing you with the efficient, reliable CCTV solution your premises, your assets and your people deserve.

    We listen first. To understand your precise requirements. Answer any questions and concerns.

    Isn't it time you invested in a tailored commercial CCTV system that prevents crime, saves costs and ensures safety?

    Your CCTV system is more than just security

    You can monitor employee productivity, comply with Health and Safety regulations. And  even dispute fraudulent claims. 

    Your HD CCTV system provides clear, undeniable evidence. 

    And protect your high-value assets from theft with real-time alerts and a proactive response.

    Putting you in control!

    Approved and professional! That's the Family Business Edge

    NSI GoldMLA Approved Locksmith, Master Locksmiths AssociationFIA - Fire Industry AuthorityBAFE - Armoury Security + Fire 301444BT Redcare Approved Installer

    Tailoring your CCTV system to plug specific security gaps 

    • HD CCTV (High Definition) - high-quality images. Pick out your intruder's features
    • Network IP CCTV Cameras - compresses images and transmits them over the internet or your data network
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) - special cameras read number plates to identify vehicles
    • Wired vs Wireless commercial CCTV Security systems - analogue cameras need a power source and cabling. IP CCTV Systems do not
    • Mobile App - link your CCTV to your phone or tablet. View footage immediately!
    • Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras for East Sussex businesses - not all CCTV cameras are weather-proof!
    I want a tailored CCTV system
    Commercial CCTV systems in Eastbourne, East SussexCommercial CCTV systems in Eastbourne, East Sussex

    Commercial CCTV installations that East Sussex loves... you will too!

    Commercial CCTV system installations in Eastbourne, East Sussex and West Sussex

    CCTV Systems Installation

    With a track record of over 40+ years years... you're certain your CCTV system is specifically designed to thwart criminals. And protect the weak spots of your premises.
    Commercial CCTV system maintenance in Eastbourne, West Sussex

    Preventative Maintenance

    Like an MOT, regular inspections and servicing keep your CCTV system working exactly as it should. 

    Saving you money on replacing faulty parts.
    ARC monitoring For CCTV systems in Eastbourne, East Sussex

    ARC Monitoring

    Out-of-hours monitoring for round-the-clock security. Ensuring intruders are dealt with efficiently. 24/7!

    And a rapid response when your business is under threat!
    Commercial CCTV system takeovers in Eastbourne, East Sussex

    CCTV System Takeovers

    Missed incidents? And an unreliable service?

    Switch to Armoury Security + Fire.

    You'll know you chose wisely... from the very first call.
    4.5 out of 5
    Eastbourne Commercial CCTV systems

    How can my business CCTV cameras stop a crime? Surely it only records what happened...

    Modern commercial CCTV security systems are not just recording tools. And they're more than just a deterrent. Advanced AI video analytics can detect intruders as they ATTEMPT to break in.

    Connected to a remote monitoring station, your ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) monitoring is alerted instantly. Allowing staff to intervene before a crime is committed. Loudspeakers at your property, enable your ARC staff to issue audio warnings to trespassers. For example...

    Imagine it's late evening at an industrial site. Your CCTV system detects someone attempting to climb over a fence. Within seconds, the ARC monitoring staff issue a stern audio warning.

    **Your attention please, this is a security announcement. You’re being monitored on live CCTV. This is private property, please leave now or further action will be taken**

    Startled, your intruder runs away.

    Or outside a shop there's a group of teenagers loitering by the side entrance. Your CCTV system's AI analytics immediately recognise a potential threat. The ARC staff, see this in real time and issue the audio warning.

    The group runs off, to look for an easy target!

    Can I get the feed from my cameras on my phone, tablet or laptop?

    Absolutely. We can help you with this. Get in touch and we'll make it happen!
    I want a tailored CCTV system
    After the installation on the new Security Project, I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into it...

    We should meet up to discuss all the other areas at the Church that we would like to bring together as a package with our 2 organisations working together.
    Dennis Roach
    All Saints Church, Eastbourne
    Commercial CCTV maintenance and servicing in Eastbourne

    Do I really need a maintenance contract for my CCTV system?

    Think of commercial CCTV security systems like a car. If you didn’t bother to service it, would you really expect it to sail through every MOT. Year after year?

    Regular preventative maintenance ensures your CCTV system functions correctly. So it works whenever you need it. It also extends the life of your system, making it a smart, long-term investment.

    Skipping maintenance is a risk. For example, a retail store needed footage to identify members of a shoplifting gang, only to find out their system had stopped recording. Weeks ago. The lack of evidence meant a disgruntled insurance company wriggling out of the claim!

    Contrast this with a school with a maintenance contract. When vandalism became a problem, the school's CCTV system did its job. Clear footage, leading to quick identification of the culprit. And problem solved

    Do you install cheap commercial CCTV security systems from the internet?
    The ones I see online for about £400?

    We don’t work with cheap out-of-the-box CCTV kits... because they are not suitable for your business premises. But we will try very hard to work within your budget.

    It's simple. Out-of-the-box CCTV kits cannot account for the specific risks, threats and vulnerabilities of your site. What if you need a PTZ camera to virtually move around your site and zoom in to look at certain areas?

    What if a better option is to have a single 360 camera is a better option than 3 or 4 bullet cameras?

    Or if video analytics could make your system pay for itself by saving your staff significant amounts of time? How?

    Reducing the time it takes to process shoplifters to a few minutes. Checking Fire Exit obstructions from your desk. Automating car park entry... the savings in time, money and hassle go on and on.

    When we design tailored commercial CCTV security systems, you take advantage of our decades of security experience. This may save you time by streamlining your working day. Save you money by eliminating operational roadblocks. And save you hassle because your equipment is top-quality and won't fail on you.

    Whatever happens, we'll find you a commercial CCTV security solution that fits your budget.
    I want a tailored CCTV system
    We have used the professional services of Armoury for over thirty years. In that time they have installed and serviced residential alarm systems, installed automatic gate controls, set up CCTV systems and provided annual services of systems. 

    We have recommended them to others in the past and intend to continue to do so.
    Mr & Mrs H
    East Sussex

    Why Armoury Security + Fire? It's the Family Business Edge that saves you time, money and hassle, now and over time

    Lee Westlake - Armoury Security + Fire in Eastbourne, East Sussex

    If you’re sick of being treated like just another job number, isn’t it time for a change?

    Everyone thinks that larger, national Fire & Security companies have the resources. Or the cheapest price company is a bargain... But both these assumptions let businesses down all the time. 

    You end up with different engineers. And long, infuriating delays as they plod slowly to you from London.  And worse, you often end up with poorly maintained Fire & Security systems, frequent call-outs, endless faults and costly repairs. 

    Draining your budget. And your patience!

    At Armoury Security + Fire, we turn this on its head. With a track record across 5 decades you're in reliable hands. We've been serving businesses in the Eastbourne area since 1980...

    There's a reason we have 3 generations of customers coming back...

    You’ll love the personal attention. Every single client is a priority. It all starts with... listening to your requirements. Then designing a customised fire/security installation that fits your premises like a glove.

    When you choose the Family Business Edge you're building a true reliable business partnership. And leaving your Fire & Security worries behind...
    Sounds great, I want to speak to Armoury
    Amazing Customer Service!!

    We, at Tom Thumb Nursery, have used Armoury for years and years now for our fire detection system, CCTV, Emergency lighting, Fire risk assessment, Intruder alarm, locks and more. Every member of the team is friendly and helpful and we are always impressed with how quickly they sort any issue and silly question we have.
    Claire Townsend, Owner
    Tom Thumb Nursery, Eastbourne

    Quality equipment for Fire & Security solutions that won't let you down!

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    Fire & Security services in Eastbourne, East Sussex & West Sussex

    From our shop in Eastbourne, Armoury Security + Fire has served the South Coast of England over 5 decades

    From our HQ in Eastbourne, East Sussex we cover the South Coast of England from Hastings to Worthing and up as far as Royal Tunbridge Wells
    • Westham
    • Polegate
    • Hastings
    • Hailsham
    • Royal Tunbridge Wells
    • Uckfield
    • Lewes
    • Haywards Heath
    • Crawley
    • Horsham
    • Worthing
    • Shoreham-by-Sea
    • Littlehampton
    • Newhaven
    • Seaford

    Family Business Edge: you'll love your partnership with Armoury because... 

    Track record: serving Eastbourne businesses and residents diligently since 1980
    Remote monitoring: your cutting edge Fire & Security equipment lets you check your premises from wherever you are. So you have less to worry about!
    Clear communication: we're always clear about availability and response times. You're NEVER left hanging about or unsure
    Professional accreditations: the only NSI Gold accredited Fire & Security company in Eastbourne and the first in the UK with two Master Locksmiths
    Balancing budget, expertise and technology. So you get the best possible Fire & Security systems for your money
    Saving you time, money and hassle. Now and in the long term too!
    Experience & expertise: Fire & Security engineers, Locksmiths and knowledgeable support staff with over 150 years of combined experience
    24/7 availability: if you have an out-of-hours emergency we're here for you. Call us.
    Ongoing Support: long-term partnerships start with keeping your systems working, doing the job they're meant to!
    Planned maintenance: on site visits and remote access keep your systems purring away in the background without fuss
    Listen to YOUR needs: so all your Fire & Security requirements are met. Your system is tailored specifically for your situation and premises
    Family by nature if not name: local business run by local experts you'll enjoy working with and trust to get the job done right, first time
    Compliance sorted: your business will comply with your FRA and regulations. So your Responsible Person can breathe again!
    Trusted by local families: we have 2nd and 3rd generations of customers, coming to us. Who else can say that?
    Zero-risk Promise: always available, rapid local response and your issue resolved or we pay*
    Tell me more about how Armoury can help
    No hard sell, no tricks... we're here to help
    Incredibly fast and efficient service - from initial phone call to job done in under an hour. From helpful initial contact to friendly and efficient engineer - can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you!
    Jennifer Stradling
    Lee and the team were a late but great addition to my project. Resolved others short comings and work to the highest of standard and respect for the job many thanks Armoury... see you all on the next project!
    Dean Elliot

    Armoury serving Eastbourne for 40+ years

    Drop us a line. One of the team will get back to you ASAP. We're here, ready to help you...

      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

      Emergency? Call us now

      Phone: 01323 725190


      Directors - Armoury Security + Fire in Eastbourne, East Sussex
      *Zero-risk Promise EXCEPTIONS
      Your Zero-risk Promise only applies during normal working hours with the following exceptions:
      Rapid Local Response: #1 if all our engineers are busy. #2 call outs beyond our area of service - BN20, BN21, BN22, BN23 & BN24 
      Issue Resolved: #3 if we can't takeover and fix your security system, we charge half hour labour & the rest is fully refunded
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