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Reliable emergency locksmiths - home or business lockouts fixed fast!

24/7 Emergency Locksmith in Eastbourne, East Sussex

99% of the time it takes 5 minutes to get you back into your  home or business... but if we can't, you pay nothing!

No call out fee. No hidden charges. No damage to either your lock or your door... guaranteed!*

I want my local Master Locksmith to help me?

Emergency and everyday locksmith services in Eastbourne

MLA Approved Locksmith, Master Locksmiths Association

since 1980

Emergency locksmith services in Eastbourne, East Sussex

24/7 Emergency

locks supplied & fitted in Eastbourne, East Sussex

supplied & fitted

Locksmith services in Eastbourne, East Sussex


Security Safes & Vaults in Eastbourne

Safes &

Key cutting in Eastbourne, Sussex

Key cutting

Locks in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Locks fixed

Your Security + Fire emergency resolved...

There's a reason why we've got the 3rd generation of customers coming back to us. We put your needs first. And now... our money where our mouth is.

Introducing Armoury's Zero-risk Promise
Always Available: your call answered in five rings (during office hours)*
Rapid Local Response: on-site and with you in 60 minutes (during office hours)*
OR your first hour is FREE
Issue Resolved: we will fix your Security or Fire Protection issue*
OR you pay nothing OR receive a refund!*

That's the type of Family Business Edge we've been delivering across 5 decades

Your Zero-risk Promise

Armoury Security + Fire Zero Risk Promise
*T&Cs apply. See footer
In an emergency, call Armoury!
If you're in Eastbourne we can usually get to you in as little as 5 minutes, depending on traffic or scheduled work.

If we can't, we'll tell you how long we'll be. So you're not left hanging about... stressed and clock-watching.
You can trust us on price too. Emergencies cost the same as regular work. £73/hr during the day. £123 at night. Plus any parts. Simple. Honest and transparent.

One reason why 3 generations of customers keep coming back. Armoury are the longest established Locksmiths in Eastbourne, trading since 1980. And the FIRST, in the whole of the UK, with two qualified Master Locksmiths on the books! 

Who else can say that?

In an emergency, you'll be glad you've got your local locksmith 'hero' on your side

We've been doing this for a long time - trading since 1980. Hence, we understand how stressful it can be when you're locked out. That's why we make it simple to get hold of us, day or night. Call your local locksmith hero to save the day...
Eastbourne Emergency Locksmith shop

Reliable locksmiths in Eastbourne

Emergency calls usually go like this:

"Hello, I wonder if you could come out. I've locked myself out."

"I've called six locksmiths... and actually spoke to one. He should have been here an hour ago."

"No problem. We'll be right with you"

Even out of hours it's no hassle to get hold of us

When you phone up, the message gives you two options... 

One for locks, two for systems. That's it.

And then if you press your number... 

Our system automatically connects you to the locksmith. Simple!

For superior security with the
Family Business Edge

Let's talk... Call us: 01323 725190
Or fill out the form to send us your enquiry. We'll get back to you ASAP!

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    Why you'll love working with Armoury Security + Fire:
    • Long track record: serving Eastbourne across 5 decades
    • A personal touch: friendly and knowledgeable from your first contact
    • Professional & accredited: no corners cut, no need to pay twice!
    • You save: time, money and hassle now & over time

    Local businesses who enjoy a reliable business partnership with Armoury Security + Fire

    Caffyns, Eastbourne, East SussexCavendish Bakery, Eastbourne, East SussexLewes District, Council, Eastbourne, East SussexThe Beacon, Eastbourne, East SussexBurger King4 Golf, Eastbourne, East SussexDB Domestics, Eastbourne, East SussexNinja Arena, Eastbourne, East SussexWhiteline Manufacturing Ltd., EastbourneMcDonaldsPaxton Access Control is one of our customersAsda_logo
    The most reliable, fastest responding company that Whiteline have had the pleasure of dealing with. We know we have support 24/7 should any situation occur with our Security & Fire systems.

    We have built a great working relationship over the past 17+ years and Armoury will always be a part of our company
    Leighton Baitup, Operations Director
    Whiteline Manufacturing Ltd., Eastbourne

    Top-quality locksmith services: from old school to Master Suites

    Old school locksmith services...

    Traditional skills like fixing a lock. Maybe your old lock needs a new spring? We have springs to fix it. 

    Or, maybe your ancient key is lost... we'll build you a key

    And if you're locked out, we'll get you back in without resorting to destructive methods. Maybe... we'll slip the latch. Or pick the cylinder. Manipulate it. Or go through the letterbox. There are various ways in.

    A drill is NEVER your first choice. Unless, you've chosen the wrong 'locksmith'!
    Traditional Locksmith skills for old keys
    Mastersuite Eastbourne - MUL-T-LOCK

    Master Suites: unlocking the power of one!

    How would you like to swap a huge bunch of keys for a single master key that opens many locks. How? Like this...

    Your master key opens every lock. Sub-master keys open fewer, maybe all the rooms on one floor. While individual keys open just one lock, such as your main office.

    Managers access everywhere. Your employees don't.

    Clever, right? But, it takes careful planning to get it right. That's why you need a professional Master Locksmith specialising in master key systems!
    I want help from a Master Locksmith

    Approved and professional! That's the Family Business Edge

    NSI GoldMLA Approved Locksmith, Master Locksmiths AssociationFIA - Fire Industry AuthorityBAFE - Armoury Security + Fire 301444BT Redcare Approved Installer

    Master Locksmiths Association approved... where quality meets trust!

    The Gold Standard in locksmith excellence...
    When you’re locked out of your business or home your Master Locksmith is your hero. We will get you in without destroying your lock. Or making a mess of your door.

    Most of the time it'll take 5 to 10 minutes. Because we have locksmith skills other emergency call-out guys do not...

    As your MLA-approved locksmith, Armoury is your ticket to relief in an emergency, peace of mind and a top-notch service whenever you need us!

    The MLA's three pillars of Trust

    Put your worries aside, we're vetted!

    You wouldn't let just anyone into your home, right? That’s why MLA-approved locksmiths are vetted with criminal background checks. Locksmithing is not just about skill; it's about integrity. You can relax knowing you're in capable and trustworthy hands.

    Inspected annually for workmanship & service

    True quality is a habit. That’s why MLA-approved locksmiths are inspected regularly. To make sure we’re not just good but consistently excellent. Rather than rolling the dice, you're choosing quality and reliability. 

    Qualified: it's like a Locksmith PhD

    The MLA qualification isn’t just a throwaway weekend course certificate… it's the industry's gold standard. You're not just getting a locksmith; you're getting a bona fide expert. For instance, we're tested on scratch fitting a British Standard mortise lock to a door in an hour and a half.
    MLA Approved Locksmith, Master Locksmiths Association
    Find Armoury on the MLA website. Click the link:
    Armoury Master Locksmiths
    Licence No: 001781
    Yes, I want a Master Locksmith to get me back in

    Locksmith Services for the Eastbourne and East Sussex area

    • Key cutting - whatever your key we can cut a duplicate for you
    • Old locks fixed - and keys made from scratch...
    • UPVc door and window locks - repaired and replaced
    • Master Suite Systems - systems planned, built and details stored for you
    • Security keys - almost all types catered for
    • Extensive supply of lock blanks in stock - whatever it is, we've probably got it!
    • 24/7 emergency locksmith services in East Sussex - whether it's your business premises or your home. We'll get you in!
    Great! I want a Master Locksmith, please

    Emergency locksmith services in Eastbourne and East Sussex

    24-7 Emergency locksmiths

    Emergency locksmiths

    Lost your keys and locked out?

    No need to panic. Our rapid response locksmiths are on call 24/7.

    Day or night, we'll get you back in. Promptly, professionally and without it costing a fortune. 

    And... without damaging your door!
    Eastbourne Emergency Locksmith shop

    Local and available 24/7 in Eastbourne, East Sussex

    We're Eastbourne based and committed to our out-of-hours service.

    We always answer the phone and meet a promised ETA. So you WON'T be hanging around for hours fretting.

    Call us, our professional locksmiths will get to you ASAP. Day or night.
    Great! A Master Locksmith works for me
    4.5 out of 5
    Emergency Locksmiths & Key Cutting in Eastbourne

    What locksmith services can you help me with?

    We provide a full range of residential, commercial, and industrial locksmith services. These cover lockouts, repairs and installations.

    Pop into the shop for key cutting and master key systems for your home or business premises.

    And if, God forbid, you’re ever locked out, call us. We’ll get to you ASAP. But more importantly, we’ll be honest if our locksmiths cannot get to you in a reasonable time frame. We will not leave you hanging around.

    Where do you provide locksmith services?

    Based in Eastbourne we cover East Sussex and the  South Coast from Worthing to Hastings. Our team of locksmiths know the area well. So we’ll get to you ASAP in an emergency.

    If you’re local, that could be five minutes flat. Depending on traffic and availability. But 20 to 30 minutes is more usual for local callouts.

    The further afield you are the longer it will be. Call us and we’ll give you an honest ETA.

    What types of keys do you cut?

    Almost any key you can think of. We carry a huge array of blanks. Including security keys.

    You can pop into the shop and we’ll cut your keys there and then. If, on the off-chance, we don’t have yours and you can provide the number, we’ll order it for you.

    For your master suite keys, give us a call and they’ll be ready for you to pick up. Simple.
    Great! A Master Locksmith works for me
    Lee and the team were a late but great addition to my project. Resolved others short comings and work to the highest of standard and respect for the job many thanks Armoury... 

    see you all on the next project
    Dean Elliot, Property Developer
    Emergency Locksmiths Eastbourne, East and West Sussex

    I’m worried. I've heard horror stories. How can I be sure you won’t damage my front door?

    Sadly, there are under-qualified ‘lock-out’ people who don’t even consider your lock. They rush straight for the drill.

    Not at Armoury. 

    We have two Master Locksmiths on our staff. And a plethora of non-destructive methods of entry; lock picking, lock bumping, slip the latch. It goes on.

    We only turn to the drill as a last resort. And even then we won’t make a mess of your door. We're professionals.

    What about Master Key systems for businesses?

    Good question. Every business would benefit from the most convenient form of key management on the planet. Also known as Master Suite systems, naturally, we cover these systems.

    We’ll consult with you first. Then design a bespoke system that suits your requirements. Giving full access to managers and owners. And lesser access to others in your business.

    So your boss can go wherever they like. But your cleaners won’t get into unauthorised areas…

    What are your rates and emergency call-out fees?

    They're the same during working hours… £73/hr. And £123/hr out of hours. Plus parts, of course. On rare occasions we will have to change the lock. Sometimes this cannot be helped.

    However, there are zero hidden fees. None at all. It’s £73 during the day and £123 at night. We’ll confirm this when you call. The cost does increase the further we have to travel...

    Remember, for most lockouts our highly trained locksmiths take no longer than a few short minutes to get you back in. We almost never go beyond the hour. So, in the vast majority of instances, you can expect to pay no more than the standard rate.
    Great! A Master Locksmith works for me
    We have used the professional services of Armoury for over thirty years. In that time they have installed and serviced residential alarm systems, installed automatic gate controls, set up CCTV systems and provided annual services of systems. 

    We have recommended them to others in the past and intend to continue to do so.
    Mr & Mrs H
    East Sussex
    Car Key cutting in Eastbourne

    Are you REALLY available 24/7?

    You better believe it. For us, 24/7 emergency locksmith services means nights, weekends and holidays.

    Our locksmiths are always "on call" to assist you.

    In fact, we’re often told by out-of-hours customers that other locksmiths, rather than come themselves, have suggested calling us! Really... it's just as shocking for us too.

    I’ve just moved house. Shall I change the front door lock, like for like?

    This may not be the best thing to do.

    Switching your lock ‘like for like’ will stop people that have a key getting in but… if the existing locks are not BS3621 compliant your insurance company will not cover you!

    Worse still, if ANY external door is non-compliant your insurance will not pay out.

    A new lock could save you a fortune!

    Can you get me back in if my front door is a fire door?

    Fire doors are rated for 'burn time' by manufacturers - usually 30 or 60 minutes. Any damage to a fire door from unnecessary drilling or destructive entry attempts will compromise the integrity of your fire door. And render it non-compliant. And that could mean needing full replacement, which is a cost no one wants to swallow unnecessarily. 

    Not something you need to worry about with your Armoury locksmiths. We are specially trained to safely open ALL doors without damaging them. Drilling is always a last resort. 

    We can also supply fire rated locks, if yours does need drilling to get you back in.
    Great! A Master Locksmith works for me
    After the installation on the new Security Project, I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into it...

    We should meet up to discuss all the other areas at the Church that we would like to bring together as a package with our 2 organisations working together.
    Dennis Roach
    All Saints Church, Eastbourne

    Why Armoury Security + Fire? It's the Family Business Edge that saves you time, money and hassle, now and over time

    Lee Westlake - Armoury Security + Fire in Eastbourne, East Sussex

    If you’re sick of being treated like just another job number, isn’t it time for a change?

    Everyone thinks that larger, national Fire & Security companies have the resources. Or the cheapest price company is a bargain... But both these assumptions let businesses down all the time. 

    You end up with different engineers. And long, infuriating delays as they plod slowly to you from London.  And worse, you often end up with poorly maintained Fire & Security systems, frequent call-outs, endless faults and costly repairs. 

    Draining your budget. And your patience!

    At Armoury Security + Fire, we turn this on its head. With a track record across 5 decades you're in reliable hands. We've been serving businesses in the Eastbourne area since 1980...

    There's a reason we have 3 generations of customers coming back...

    You’ll love the personal attention. Every single client is a priority. It all starts with... listening to your requirements. Then designing a customised fire/security installation that fits your premises like a glove.

    When you choose the Family Business Edge you're building a true reliable business partnership. And leaving your Fire & Security worries behind...
    Sounds great, I want to speak to Armoury
    Amazing Customer Service!!

    We, at Tom Thumb Nursery, have used Armoury for years and years now for our fire detection system, CCTV, Emergency lighting, Fire risk assessment, Intruder alarm, locks and more. Every member of the team is friendly and helpful and we are always impressed with how quickly they sort any issue and silly question we have.
    Claire Townsend, Owner
    Tom Thumb Nursery, Eastbourne

    Quality equipment for Fire & Security solutions that won't let you down!

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    Fire & Security services in Eastbourne, East Sussex & West Sussex

    From our shop in Eastbourne, Armoury Security + Fire has served the South Coast of England over 5 decades

    From our HQ in Eastbourne, East Sussex we cover the South Coast of England from Hastings to Worthing and up as far as Royal Tunbridge Wells
    • Westham
    • Polegate
    • Hastings
    • Hailsham
    • Royal Tunbridge Wells
    • Uckfield
    • Lewes
    • Haywards Heath
    • Crawley
    • Horsham
    • Worthing
    • Shoreham-by-Sea
    • Littlehampton
    • Newhaven
    • Seaford

    Family Business Edge: you'll love your partnership with Armoury because... 

    Track record: serving Eastbourne businesses and residents diligently since 1980
    Remote monitoring: your cutting edge Fire & Security equipment lets you check your premises from wherever you are. So you have less to worry about!
    Clear communication: we're always clear about availability and response times. You're NEVER left hanging about or unsure
    Professional accreditations: the only NSI Gold accredited Fire & Security company in Eastbourne and the first in the UK with two Master Locksmiths
    Balancing budget, expertise and technology. So you get the best possible Fire & Security systems for your money
    Saving you time, money and hassle. Now and in the long term too!
    Experience & expertise: Fire & Security engineers, Locksmiths and knowledgeable support staff with over 150 years of combined experience
    24/7 availability: if you have an out-of-hours emergency we're here for you. Call us.
    Ongoing Support: long-term partnerships start with keeping your systems working, doing the job they're meant to!
    Planned maintenance: on site visits and remote access keep your systems purring away in the background without fuss
    Listen to YOUR needs: so all your Fire & Security requirements are met. Your system is tailored specifically for your situation and premises
    Family by nature if not name: local business run by local experts you'll enjoy working with and trust to get the job done right, first time
    Compliance sorted: your business will comply with your FRA and regulations. So your Responsible Person can breathe again!
    Trusted by local families: we have 2nd and 3rd generations of customers, coming to us. Who else can say that?
    Zero-risk Promise: always available, rapid local response and your issue resolved or we pay*
    Tell me more about how Armoury can help
    No hard sell, no tricks... we're here to help
    Incredibly fast and efficient service - from initial phone call to job done in under an hour. From helpful initial contact to friendly and efficient engineer - can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you!
    Jennifer Stradling
    Lee and the team were a late but great addition to my project. Resolved others short comings and work to the highest of standard and respect for the job many thanks Armoury... see you all on the next project!
    Dean Elliot

    Armoury serving Eastbourne for 40+ years

    Drop us a line. One of the team will get back to you ASAP. We're here, ready to help you...

      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

      Emergency? Call us now

      Phone: 01323 725190


      Directors - Armoury Security + Fire in Eastbourne, East Sussex
      *Zero-risk Promise EXCEPTIONS
      Your Zero-risk Promise only applies during normal working hours with the following exceptions:
      Rapid Local Response: #1 if all our engineers are busy. #2 call outs beyond our area of service - BN20, BN21, BN22, BN23 & BN24 
      Issue Resolved: #3 if we can't takeover and fix your security system, we charge half hour labour & the rest is fully refunded
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