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Commercial Fire Alarms in East Sussex: Installation & Maintenance

From full Fire Detection systems to stand-alone smoke alarms we’re here to achieve 3 things: 

Take away your fire protection headaches
Ensure compliance with the latest regulations
Keep your insurance company onside...

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Eastbourne experts for ALL commercial Fire Alarm systems and solutions

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Your Security + Fire emergency resolved...

There's a reason why we've got the 3rd generation of customers coming back to us. We put your needs first. And now... our money where our mouth is.

Introducing Armoury's Zero-risk Promise
Always Available: your call answered in five rings (during office hours)*
Rapid Local Response: on-site and with you in 60 minutes (during office hours)*
OR your first hour is FREE
Issue Resolved: we will fix your Security or Fire Protection issue*
OR you pay nothing OR receive a refund!*

That's the type of Family Business Edge we've been delivering across 5 decades

Your Zero-risk Promise

Armoury Security + Fire Zero Risk Promise
*T&Cs apply. See footer
In an emergency, call Armoury!

Fire safety isn't just a box to be ticked...

While the responsibility lies with you... we're here to take the headache away. To help you navigate the puzzling Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Building Safety Act 2022 and your Fire Risk Assessments. 

So you can confidently fulfil your responsibilities and sleep soundly at night. Satisfied you're compliant.

Certain you'll avoid the devastating impact of an out-of-control fire. And the worst-case scenario, catastrophic damage and loss of life...
Fire Alarm system maintenance in Eastbourne

Hassle-free compliance and tailored Fire Protection

As your company's Responsible Person, you need to ensure you've done all you can to maximise fire safety on your watch. To do that you need the right commercial Fire Alarm installation for your buildings...

It can be complicated. The type of system you need. The level of protection. Zone coverage. Not to mention concerns over reliability and maintenance.

It's a big responsibility - but we're here to take over your headache. You're in safe, complaint hands!

It starts with your site survey. We'll focus on your concerns. Then advise you on the type of system that offers the best level of protection for your budget. And design a Fire Alarm system to address the risks and protect your premises. 

You can stop worrying as your Fire Alarm system ticks away in the background doing its job. Running like clockwork. While ongoing scheduled maintenance keeps it that way. All year round!

For superior security with the
Family Business Edge

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    Why you'll love working with Armoury Security + Fire:
    • Long track record: serving Eastbourne across 5 decades
    • A personal touch: friendly and knowledgeable from your first contact
    • Professional & accredited: no corners cut, no need to pay twice!
    • You save: time, money and hassle now & over time

    Three reasons why the Family Business Edge will work for your Fire Protection installation projects and planned maintenance

    Cutting-edge Fire Alarm installations

    With decades of experience, our team of BAFE approved fire safety experts only install top-quality equipment that won't let you down. 

    Our Fire Alarm systems are customised for your unique building, your fire strategy and your budget!

    At last... you can wave goodbye to endless false alarms and unexpected breakdowns.

    Trustworthy expertise and no hidden extras...

    Partners for the life of your system and beyond!

    Expect honest, transparent quotes that work with your budget.

    To be clear, that means the full specification. With zero hidden charges down the line.

    Your design will use the Fire Alarm equipment required to satisfy your FRA and insurance company.

    The support you need...
    24 hours a day!

    You're never left on your own

    With 24/7 support for business owners and your Responsible Person... across the South Coast.

    Our friendly and helpful support staff are available to help. We're here for you to address your concerns and resolve any issues.

    Call us any time on: 01323 725 190

    Qualified, approved and audited by third party professional bodies...

    NSI GoldMLA Approved Locksmith, Master Locksmiths AssociationFIA - Fire Industry AuthorityBAFE - Armoury Security + Fire 301444BT Redcare Approved Installer

    Because your Fire Protection doesn't end with your Fire Alarm system...

    Emergency Lighting systems compliment your Fire Alarm installation
    We provide site surveys, installations and maintenance – as well as servicing existing systems. We also provide Emergency Lighting, Fire Extinguishers & Fire Risk Assessments.

    As the only NSI Gold / BAFE accredited (and longest established) Fire and Security firm in Eastbourne, we've been helping people like you keep your businesses safe for 5 decades. Which means we now have 3 generations of customers who benefit from our Family Business Edge.
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    • Fire Detection Systems
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire Safety Equipment & Products
    • Fire Risk Assessments
    • Fire Safety Signage
    I want help with my commercial Fire Protection

    Commercial Fire Protection services Eastbourne businesses love!

    Fire Alarm installation in East Sussex

    Fire Alarm Installation

    With a track record stretching over more than 40+ years... you're certain your system is compliant. Keeping your insurance company and FRA happy.
    Fire Alarm maintenance in East Sussex

    Preventative Maintenance

    Like an MOT regular inspections and servicing keep your Fire Alarm system working exactly as it should. Saving you money on replacing faulty parts.
    ARC monitoring For CCTV systems in Eastbourne, East Sussex

    Fire Alarm Monitoring

    Out-of-hours monitoring ensures fires are dealt with efficiently.

    Potentially saving you loads of hassle with disputed insurance claims.
    Fire Alarm maintenance visits in East Sussex

    Fire Alarm  Takeovers

    Stop suffering an unreliable service!

    Switch to Armoury Security + Fire. You'll know you chose wisely... from the very first call.
    4.5 out of 5

    Fireproofing** your business starts with the five key steps of your FRA

    Fire Hazard Identification: pinpoint potential fire hazards in your building. No risk is overlooked.
    People at Risk: identify individuals at risk, particularly in high-risk zones, to tailor safety protocols accordingly
    Risk Mitigation: evaluate and mitigate risks by removing or reducing hazards for a safer workspace
    Documentation and Planning: record all findings, devise an emergency plan and provide thorough training
    Ongoing Review: regularly revisit and update your FRA to  ensure continuous safety and compliance
    ** we cannot guarantee your business becomes fireproof but we will go a long way to achieving it
    Ben... impressed us with his professionalism during... a Fire Risk Assessment. His work was thorough yet non-disruptive, allowing us to continue our day-to-day activities seamlessly. We were provided with a full report only a couple of days later... revealing risks we’d have never considered and offering actionable recommendations. 

    I highly recommend Armoury Security + Fire for their exceptional service and expertise.
    Julian Holman, Service Delivery Manager
    computer2cloud Ltd., Polegate, East Sussex
    I want to fireproof** my business

    Local businesses who enjoy a reliable business partnership with Armoury Security + Fire

    Caffyns, Eastbourne, East SussexCavendish Bakery, Eastbourne, East SussexLewes District, Council, Eastbourne, East SussexThe Beacon, Eastbourne, East SussexBurger King4 Golf, Eastbourne, East SussexDB Domestics, Eastbourne, East SussexNinja Arena, Eastbourne, East SussexWhiteline Manufacturing Ltd., EastbourneMcDonaldsPaxton Access Control is one of our customersAsda_logo
    The most reliable, fastest responding company that Whiteline have had the pleasure of dealing with. We know we have support 24/7 should any situation occur with our Security & Fire systems.

    We have built a great working relationship over the past 17+ years and Armoury will always be a part of our company
    Leighton Baitup, Operations Director
    Whiteline Manufacturing Ltd., Eastbourne
    Fire Alarm system installations in Eastbourne, East Sussex

    What are my Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) obligations?

    Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 legislation, it's crucial for your 'Responsible Person' to conduct a comprehensive and adequate Fire Risk Assessment, as outlined in Article 9. 

    This assessment must not be treated as a 'tick box' formality; it's a vital step in ensuring the safety of your premises. Failure to comply with your FRA findings or conducting inadequate assessments can lead to severe penalties. In certain cases you could end up with up to two years in prison!

    However, Armoury is here to guide you through the entire Fire Risk Assessment process. Our expertise means we'll ensure your assessment is thorough and compliant with legislation. We'll make sure you understand the results and advise on implementing the necessary recommendations.

    You can rely on Armoury, we're committed to making your FRA process manageable. Helping you fulfil your legal obligations with confidence. So your Responsible Person has one less thing to worry about!

    How reliable will our Fire Alarm System be?

    At Armoury, we understand that a reliable fire alarm system is crucial. A malfunctioning system can not only disrupt your daily activities but also your bottom line!

    That's why we install premium-quality equipment that our team is thoroughly familiar with. This ensures that your fire alarm systems does its job flawlessly. We can't account for human error though...

    Installing quality equipment means the likelihood of frequent malfunctions or breakdowns is reduced to the bare minimum. And planned maintenance keeps it that way!

    By choosing Armoury, you're not just investing in a fire alarm system; you're establishing a lasting business partnership with a company that values your safety and trust. Trust Armoury to be your partner in fire safety for years to come - there's a reason why we have 3 generations of customers trusting us!
    I want help with my Fire Risk Assessment
    Lee and the team were a late but great addition to my project. Resolved others short comings and work to the highest of standard and respect for the job many thanks Armoury... 

    see you all on the next project
    Dean Elliot, Property Developer
    Fire Alarm system installations in Eastbourne

    Is a BAFE approved Fire Alarm installation company really necessary?

    Choosing a BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) approved company for your fire alarm installation isn't just a good practice – it's a smart decision for compliance. As the Responsible Person, you are ensuring your due diligence and adherence to legal obligations.

    At Armoury, we help you beyond just installation. We offer you comprehensive support through every stage of your fire safety compliance journey. From your FRA, free site survey to providing free quotes and expert advice, our team is dedicated to ensuring your fire safety measures are robust, compliant, and tailored to your specific needs.

    You can trust Armoury, to ensure your Fire Alarm system not only meets but exceeds British Standards. 

    Is it possible to link my Fire Detection system to my Intruder Alarm?

    Of course, you can choose a basic fire detection system. That's an option. But integrating it with your intruder alarm is often a better solution. Navigating the complexities of integration and legislation requires expertise... and our specialists are here to guide you through every step.

    An integrated fire and security system combines your fire alarm with your CCTV and access control as well as your intruder alarms into a single system. This makes it easier to manage and respond to emergencies. 

    An integrated system uses technology to let different security components communicate, ensuring a quicker, more effective response to incidents. It simplifies maintenance, reduces false alarms and can be adapted to your specific business needs. 

    Overall, it's a cost-effective, efficient solution for enhanced fire safety and security, providing your business with streamlined fire safety and security management. While ensuring your Responsible Person is confident you stay compliant with the Law.
    I want a reliable Fire Alarm system
    We have used the professional services of Armoury for over thirty years. In that time they have installed and serviced residential alarm systems, installed automatic gate controls, set up CCTV systems and provided annual services of systems. 

    We have recommended them to others in the past and intend to continue to do so.
    Mr & Mrs H
    East Sussex
    Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Alarm systems

    Can you maintain my existing Fire Detection system?

    Yes, we can service and take over any Fire Alarm system. We're BAFE approved. We've got a long track record working with all manner of  Fire Detection systems. 

    Do you install wire-free Fire Detection systems?

    Yes, we can design and install both hardwired and wire-free Fire Detection systems. We'll do a site survey and then recommend what we think would best suit your premises. 

    There is always a solution that will work best for you and your budget. We work hard to provide affordable solutions that keep you compliant and your accountant happy!

    What about Fire Extinguishers?

    Yes, we can service your Fire Extinguishers. Or replace them if required.

    Can you connect my Fire Alarm system so it automatically calls the Fire & Rescue services?

    Yes, we can add a communicator to your Fire Detection system so that your Fire & Rescue services are called, in the event of a fire. Naturally, we will need to survey your site first.
    I'm interested in integrated fire and security
    After the installation on the new Security Project, I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into it...

    We should meet up to discuss all the other areas at the Church that we would like to bring together as a package with our 2 organisations working together.
    Dennis Roach
    All Saints Church, Eastbourne

    Why Armoury Security + Fire? It's the Family Business Edge that saves you time, money and hassle, now and over time

    Lee Westlake - Armoury Security + Fire in Eastbourne, East Sussex

    If you’re sick of being treated like just another job number, isn’t it time for a change?

    Everyone thinks that larger, national Fire & Security companies have the resources. Or the cheapest price company is a bargain... But both these assumptions let businesses down all the time. 

    You end up with different engineers. And long, infuriating delays as they plod slowly to you from London.  And worse, you often end up with poorly maintained Fire & Security systems, frequent call-outs, endless faults and costly repairs. 

    Draining your budget. And your patience!

    At Armoury Security + Fire, we turn this on its head. With a track record across 5 decades you're in reliable hands. We've been serving businesses in the Eastbourne area since 1980...

    There's a reason we have 3 generations of customers coming back...

    You’ll love the personal attention. Every single client is a priority. It all starts with... listening to your requirements. Then designing a customised fire/security installation that fits your premises like a glove.

    When you choose the Family Business Edge you're building a true reliable business partnership. And leaving your Fire & Security worries behind...
    Sounds great, I want to speak to Armoury
    Amazing Customer Service!!

    We, at Tom Thumb Nursery, have used Armoury for years and years now for our fire detection system, CCTV, Emergency lighting, Fire risk assessment, Intruder alarm, locks and more. Every member of the team is friendly and helpful and we are always impressed with how quickly they sort any issue and silly question we have.
    Claire Townsend, Owner
    Tom Thumb Nursery, Eastbourne

    Quality equipment for Fire & Security solutions that won't let you down!

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    Fire & Security services in Eastbourne, East Sussex & West Sussex

    From our shop in Eastbourne, Armoury Security + Fire has served the South Coast of England over 5 decades

    From our HQ in Eastbourne, East Sussex we cover the South Coast of England from Hastings to Worthing and up as far as Royal Tunbridge Wells
    • Westham
    • Polegate
    • Hastings
    • Hailsham
    • Royal Tunbridge Wells
    • Uckfield
    • Lewes
    • Haywards Heath
    • Crawley
    • Horsham
    • Worthing
    • Shoreham-by-Sea
    • Littlehampton
    • Newhaven
    • Seaford

    Ready to get started?

    With Armoury Security + Fire you'll love the perfect blend of decades of expertise, system reliability and exceptional customer service... from start to finish.

    While you and your people will enjoy the feeling of protection and reassurance that if a fire occurs the worst won't happen! And your Responsible Person can relax, knowing your insurance company is happy too!

    Contact us today for your tailored Fire Alarm and Fire Protection solution. Click the button to get started...
    I want tailored Fire Protection
    Fire Detection System maintenance in Eastbourne

    Family Business Edge: you'll love your partnership with Armoury because... 

    Track record: serving Eastbourne businesses and residents diligently since 1980
    Remote monitoring: your cutting edge Fire & Security equipment lets you check your premises from wherever you are. So you have less to worry about!
    Clear communication: we're always clear about availability and response times. You're NEVER left hanging about or unsure
    Professional accreditations: the only NSI Gold accredited Fire & Security company in Eastbourne and the first in the UK with two Master Locksmiths
    Balancing budget, expertise and technology. So you get the best possible Fire & Security systems for your money
    Saving you time, money and hassle. Now and in the long term too!
    Experience & expertise: Fire & Security engineers, Locksmiths and knowledgeable support staff with over 150 years of combined experience
    24/7 availability: if you have an out-of-hours emergency we're here for you. Call us.
    Ongoing Support: long-term partnerships start with keeping your systems working, doing the job they're meant to!
    Planned maintenance: on site visits and remote access keep your systems purring away in the background without fuss
    Listen to YOUR needs: so all your Fire & Security requirements are met. Your system is tailored specifically for your situation and premises
    Family by nature if not name: local business run by local experts you'll enjoy working with and trust to get the job done right, first time
    Compliance sorted: your business will comply with your FRA and regulations. So your Responsible Person can breathe again!
    Trusted by local families: we have 2nd and 3rd generations of customers, coming to us. Who else can say that?
    Zero-risk Promise: always available, rapid local response and your issue resolved or we pay*
    Tell me more about how Armoury can help
    No hard sell, no tricks... we're here to help
    Incredibly fast and efficient service - from initial phone call to job done in under an hour. From helpful initial contact to friendly and efficient engineer - can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you!
    Jennifer Stradling
    Lee and the team were a late but great addition to my project. Resolved others short comings and work to the highest of standard and respect for the job many thanks Armoury... see you all on the next project!
    Dean Elliot

    Armoury serving Eastbourne for 40+ years

    Drop us a line. One of the team will get back to you ASAP. We're here, ready to help you...

      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

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      Directors - Armoury Security + Fire in Eastbourne, East Sussex
      *Zero-risk Promise EXCEPTIONS
      Your Zero-risk Promise only applies during normal working hours with the following exceptions:
      Rapid Local Response: #1 if all our engineers are busy. #2 call outs beyond our area of service - BN20, BN21, BN22, BN23 & BN24 
      Issue Resolved: #3 if we can't takeover and fix your security system, we charge half hour labour & the rest is fully refunded
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